Our Technology

LADR™ Platform

Centurion’s LADRTM Platform (Linker Activated Drug Release) concentrates ultra high potency drug in the tumor and minimizes systemic toxicity

  • Ultra High Potency Drug Payload

    • Payloads are 10-1,000 times more potent than standard anti-cancer agents

  • Cleavable Linker

    • Novel linker keeps the highly potent drug payload inactive until the conjugate reaches the tumor
    • The linker is then cleaved which activates the payload

  • Fine Tuning

    • Fine tuning of water solubility and release kinetics

  • Targeting

    • Rapid and selective binding to circulating serum albumin
    • Serum albumin transports the LADR™ drug to the tumor

LADR drug


Overview of Rationale

(1) Albumin-binding drug is infused

step 1

(2) Rapid and specific binding to circulating human serum albumin (HSA)

step 2

(3) Albumin transports the drug to the tumor

step 3

(4) Upon intracellular uptake the active component is released in a pH-dependent manner

step 4


Centurion’s proprietary tumoragnostic ACDx (Albumin Companion Diagnostics) allows pre-selection of patients who will benefit from treatment with LADRTM

  • 111Indium

    • γ-Emitting radioisotope
    • Clinically well-established radiotracer for SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography)

  • Chelating Ligand

    • DTPA ligand with high affinity for 111Indium
    • Octadentate chelation preventing premature loss of radiotracer

  • Targeting

    • Rapid and selective binding to circulating serum albumin
    • Serum albumin becomes traceable

ACDx drug

ACDx in Tumor-Bearing Mice

mouse photo and SPECT/CT scan

Left: Mouse with subcutaneously growing PAXF 546 pancreatic tumor xenograft (circle).

Right: 2D-SPECT/CT scans of same animal 48 h after injection of ACDx. Intense colored regions show the accumulation of albumin in the tumor.

ACDx and LADRTM for Personalized Medicine

tumor imaging

Tumor imaging with ACDx allows to identify cancer patients whose tumors show a distinct degree of albumin uptake.
Therefore Centurion’s LADRTM Technology has a great potential of emerging as a Personalized Medicine approach in oncology.

EPR Effect (Enhanced Permeability and Retention)

Accumulation of the drug in the tumor:
Schematic representation of the anatomical and physiological characteristics of normal and tumor tissue with respect to vascular permeability and retention of small and large molecules (EPR effect)